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Who we are
Founded in Feb. 1983, TSI has become an industrial conglomerate based in Taiwan with focus in the electronics manufacturing services field. Our services and products also range from single parts supply to complete finished goods in all major commercial, industrial, and high- tech applications, notably for computers, robotics, communications, and medical equipment. Not only we manufacture and export standard commodities, We also offer OEM&ODM full package service to our customers. TSI prides itself most on being a friendly company, working hands-on with our clients to produce the best OEM products possible.      

What we do

     Within our diverse manufacturing plants, we could supply the integrated OEM solution service and manufacture high quality parts, such as silicone rubber keypads, membrane switches, multi-layers PCB & PCBA, FPC & FPCA, double injection plastic parts, metal stamping parts to any kind of products that your business may require. Through our more than 30 years of OEM experience to develop products for worldwide customers, TSI's services allow you to get the best solutions and the best price for the products needed in the solutions. We would like to hear from you, learn more about your business, and see how we can help you Build OEM Better.

       TSI continue to invest and expand our facility and manufacturing operation located in Taiwan and mainland China. Until today, total over 10 factories are under our group. More than 30 years OEM experience and progress makes us become a highly recognized EMS active partner among worldwide well-known brand name company. Provide integrated and total solution in one stop with no language barrier. Cost effective and competitive with our in-house manufacturing capabilities. TSI focus on solving your OEM demand and provide sustainable value by measuring our success as a combination of both client and employee satisfaction. TSI is a result-oriented, aggressive company with proven experience.