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Silicone Rubber Parts

Production Information
 OEM Rubber Keypad & Parts 
      TSI is capable to manufacture specialty rubber keypad for communication, electronic device, electrical appliances..etc accordance to customer tailor requirement. We also competence in manufacture co-molding and over-molding process by using suitable primer for the linking of silicone parts to metal, plastic or others required co-moulding parts. We are well-experienced in developing and delivering tailored silicone rubber parts from the prototype to finished product for our customer.

Rubber Molded Products

     • All type of rubber molded part which are able to be  used in multipurpose of application.
    • Materials available are NR, NBR, Neoprene, EPDM, Silicone ( Food Grade ) and Viton.

Rubber Protective Products

     • Rubber Protective Products are pressure sensitive adhesive-backed that can be used as footing, antibration and protector in many     application.
    • Used Apply in all type of Electrical & Electonics Products. 

Extrusion Silicone Products

    • Various shape of extrusion parts such as hollow & solid silicone tubing. Other Tailor-Made Products

Medical Products
   • Seal Cover, Seal Tube, Rear End Cap, Start Buttom, Knob..

Other Tailor-Made Products
  • Silicone Rubber Keypad, Zebra Connector.

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