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Plastic Injection Parts

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OEM Plastic Parts & Molding
      TSI offers high quality plastic injection machine lines and molding  that brings your OEM vision to life. Whether you need to create a fully functional prototype or large volume parts or products' production, we can help to make it happen. Integrating 30+ years of manufacturing knowledge with current best practices and technology, we offer a variety of molding services and value-added processes to meet all of your needs, from single components to full custom turnkey manufacturing.  

Single Injection Molding

       Single Injection Molding is a standard process and TSI’s plants are equipped with a resin feeder system to increase yield rates for mass volume production.

Double Injection Molding

     We known as 2 material 2 shot molding , is an innovative manufacturing process used to produce complicated molded parts from two different materials. Through a highly specialized and automated process we carefully control the injection of multiple materials, including two different kinds of resin, into a single, multi-chambered mold.

Over Injection Molding
     Over Molding is the process where one material is precision molded over another material, usually rubber over plastic, for visual or ergonomic appeal. For over molding knowledge ,TSI’s extensive expertise in this field helps assure your end part will have the best performance that your product success demands.

Insert Injection Molding 
     When a metal, plastic or ceramic part needs to be embedded in plastic to improve product structure it is called Insert Molding. It is a widely used process and can be a highly efficient alternative to the assembly of discrete parts using soldering, connectors, fasteners, or adhesives. It also expands plastic capabilities and can reduce final product cost by limiting the amount of costly metal needed to create a part. 

In Mold Decoration 
    In Mold Decoration (IMD) is a cost effective method of decorating plastic parts. IMD offers long lasting decoration with multiple colors and textures. Beyond IMD, membrane switches and/or additional double injection molding can be added to your part or product for extended functionality.

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