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Cable Assembly

Production Information
OEM  Cable Assembly and Wireharness  

     TSI Cable Assemblies takes care of its customers, with total solutions that fit precise needs. With our more than 30 years experience, we creates customized solutions and standardized products that work exactly as they should. Our selection of cable assemblies range from simple jumpers to power and high-speed data cables to complex harnesses. They are used in a wide variety of applications and industries to interconnect components, sub-systems, and equipment.

Cable Assembly Service

     TSI Cable Assembly service is on hand to identify our customers’ needs and objectives, map out the issues that need resolving, and quickly take all the steps necessary to move from design into production. To provide fully integrated solutions, TSI work hand in hand with customer to make sure any solution provides a perfect fit for a customer’s needs. And when it comes to creating the assemblies themselves, numerous automatic and semi-automatic manufacturing technologies are at our disposal — cutting & stripping, soldering, IDC insulation displacement, over-molding, and more. Wherever you are, we are well placed to respond to your needs in terms of flexibility, reliability, and lead times.

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